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Two completely disparate items.

over the last ten years I’ve taken three of my male house pets for neutering. At first I thought I was imagining it and what I was seeing was not really happening.

Then today my latest pet, Harley the Bengal cat/wannabee puma/complete nut case went to be deprived of his manhood, and I saw it again.

Whenever the subject, or indeed the act of castrating a male is introduced, the gleam in the eyes of female nurses and vets is almost frightening to watch.


These are the two images I thought of for my second Kongomato book which is, to all intents and purposes, finished.Spawn5

Kongo 2.2

The first was just sooooo boring, and the second not much better. I have to keep the image of the lizard flat for the effect to work. I’m going to put a big red eye and teeth for effect. Is it any better? Or should I just start all over again?

The first image is the Tower of London where it all began, and the second, Westminster Abbey where the second ends.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


A paradox too far.

I’ve painted (or written ) myself into a corner, so to ease my frayed nerves I painted another stupid picture.spider1

My problem with Old Geezers 2 is that I’ve embroiled myself in the “what would happen if you went back in time to murder your father”, paradox.

The fact that my characters have not gone back in time to murder anyone, let alone their fathers, isn’t much help. And my weasly cop-out of using the Many Worlds Scenario to avoid the problem isn’t working.

I will work it out and have fun doing it. And of course using paradoxes means that no one can really prove me wrong, except that should I really mess it up leaving the reader and myself feeling cheated, nobody will buy book three, which is nearly finished.

But not tonight. Another slice of toast and Marmite before bed then tomorrow I’ll come back refreshed, maybe, I hope.

In memoriam

Suddenly they all died. The end.

ljpI haven’t been feeling well lately.  I’ve been dealing with a nasty headache off and on all week, and I was supposed to have surgery yesterday.  Thanks to my insurance company dropping the ball, I was forced to reschedule at the last minute.  I’ve had a dozen ideas for posts, but I haven’t gotten any of them written (although I did start one – I think it was on Monday).

Since I didn’t have to work today, I thought I’d take a little nap and see if it helped.  I was hoping it would.  I was wrong.  I’ve still got the headache, and now it’s worse than ever.  When I woke up, I awoke to the news that my friend and fellow author, Lindsey J. Parsons, had passed away.  Needless to say, I was devastated, even though I was never lucky enough to meet her in person.

lindseyI first…

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Power surges really suck

I’ve been really good for the last few day. I’ve achieved my rather mediocre target of five thousand words per day on Old Geezers Two. So to reward myself I decided to paint another rubbish picture. I use GIMP. I like Gimp mainly because it’s easier than Photoshop and because while I’m doing anything the picture resides in a tmp file, so no problems.

Except tonight I actually painted something good. I know, I hear you say: Rog painting something good, I don’t think so.

And then there was a power surge and GIMP switched off. It didn’t flicker or do any computery type stuff but just turned off. I was less than amused but reassured because my prize was in a tmp file. Except that it wasn’t. I’d lost the lot.


Okay, if I did it once then I can do it again. This is mark 2. Utter rubbish, and to make it worse I’ll never forget that I actually painted something good for a change.

The new cat is finding his feet.

Not only does Harley, the new cat like inflicting violence on the house and especially Kitler our older cat who comes in only for her food before slinking off again, but he also likes to watch violence. He particularly likes guns. I’m beginning to get very worried.



What a change from the bundle of innocent budle of fun of just a month ago.

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