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Finally, and I’m almost salivating at the concept, I’ve almost finished Old Geezers 2, I’m thinking of calling it “The Back Of Beyond” for reasons which will become obvious to any readers I should be lucky enough to acquire.

After writing, or at least completing four novels in just over 1 year I can’t wait to begin their editing. Never again will I write more than one without finishing it. The experience has been an enjoyable one but compartmentalising what passes for my brain into four different novels with all the scenarios and characters therein has nearly done for me.

It’s not good (as most people except me would obviously realise) to compose in my head the next chapter whilst navigating London roads. It’s hard enough to stay alive with one hundred percent attention. So I’ve learned my lesson. My motorbike is battered; I’m battered but at least I live to fight another day.

The only thing is, Kongomato 3 calls, as does Old Geezers 3 and Book of Pain 2. and there’s another intriguing idea that’s been bugging me for ages.

I never learn.

I might use this in one of my upcoming novels. It’s not finished yet but shows promise.


Tales from the Island #4: Sadihra

More naughtyness.

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

Katelina finally gets her beach vacation, but it’s not everything she dreamed. How could it be with the companions she’s got? Strap in for a collection of six short stories about surf, sun, and… um… I mean surf, moonlight and vampires.


Day 4:

Sadihra rolled over and smiled at the vampire lying next to her. Wolfe’s dark auburn hair was fanned out around his head and his deep gray eyes met hers. She traced her finger over his muscular shoulder and down his arm, leaving a little trail of golden sand. When she’d completed the circuit, he pulled her to him and captured her lips in a deep kiss. She opened her mouth to allow his hot tongue inside, and let him explore the inner recesses of her mouth. His hands moved down her naked back, stopping at the curve of her hips, and her tongue sprang to life, parrying…

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Polar Vortex

Finally got the old fingers working

I’ve just finished another marathon stint. Another ten thousand words done. All too quickly I know, but I don’t want to stop before the muse demands some time off.

Here’s a couple of paragraphs from Old Geezers Two; them escaping from another entirely avoidable incident one hundred years in the past with some irate soldiers who should not have built an ancient gothic castle if they didn’t want my three anti-heroes to trash it.

Moments later they finally reached the still smouldering and hissing Mercedes that would never drive again and with one bound Chet was over, followed a little more slowly by Amon who naturally fell as his shoes fought for purchase on the slick wet metal. Then he jumped clear, falling to the ground and crying out as his chin made sharp contact with the concrete. Abe tripped but managed to retain his feet but now the guards were almost at the car and Chet, seeing their chance dying, fumbled into his pocket.

‘Come out you f…’
Then with a delighted grin he lifted the lid of his beloved Zippo lighter and after flicking the wheel several times, cursing as it failed to catch, screeched in triumphantly before throwing it under the car where he hoped the dark puddle was not just water from the earlier rainstorm.
It was not water. Almost two tons of car, propelled by several dozen gallons of fuel, some in the tank but most covering the road beneath, exploded in a thunderously incandescent roar Chet would have loved to watch at any other time. Now he was content to duck as a piece of what might have been the radiator flashed past his ear at what seemed the speed of sound. About them shards of steel, mostly feet away but some sharp and dangerously close pattered the ground and in several case them as they ran down the gloomy streets to where Chet vaguely remembered was the main road. The explosion had also served the purpose for which it had been designed, or at least hoped. The guards, still on the other side of the car blocking the gates, were caught by the full enclosed blast. How many were killed or injured the three would never know, but judging by the screams of fury, at least three had been injured.

Finally did it properly

After a review of Three Hoodies 1 I finally plucked up the courage to re-edit it again. I should have done it a lot sooner and now understand at least one of the reasons why it hasn’t sold as well as I’d hoped. Apart from twenty six stupid punctuation errors and numerous spelling mistakes, one of the chapters was numbered incorrectly. I know. Stupid, careless and irresponsibly amateurish. However, it’s all a learning curve and I’ve definitely learned my lesson.
My style has also changed significantly and at least in this version there will be no misunderstanding as to who is speaking. It also reads a lot better and still makes me laugh, but then I always did a rather unusual sense of humour.
I did it primarily for those who had either bought or got it free and hopefully someone will forgive my earlier slackness and give it another try.
I’ve now finished Three Hoodies 3 but have decided not to publish unless my sales for this particular series rise. I wonder if I should re-publish my later novels under another name. Readers are an (understandably) unforgiving bunch. I know if I’d paid money for a novel, which even if good, was sloppily presented, then I would be most unimpressed.
I’ve submitted the finished MS’s to Amazon and Smashwords, and this time in the formats they both prefer, rather than the same for both.
Oh the arrogance of youth. I’ve given myself a slap.

Tales from the Island #3: Oren

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

Katelina finally gets her beach vacation, but it’s not everything she dreamed. How could it be with the companions she’s got? Strap in for a collection of six short stories about surf, sun, and… um… I mean surf, moonlight and vampires.


Day 3:

Day 3:

Oren took a seat at the breakfast table and poured himself a glass of crimson liquid. The blood was warm and salty, but it wasn’t the same as drinking from a living creature. There was no link to the source, no connection to their memories or feelings. It was sanitized and impersonal, and he preferred it that way.

Etsuko sat primly next to him, wearing a pink flowered kimono. Her long black hair was pulled up into an ornate bun and her almond eyes were politely cast down, though he knew she was watching him. She was always watching. Since they’d come across her in…

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Hanging Gauze

An interview for the ages

A terrific interview.

Suddenly they all died. The end.

Today I’m excited to be interviewing Irene Soldatos, author of the wonderful book,  Bad Bishop .  It really is a fabulous read, and I jumped at the chance to learn more about it.  Share my curiosity?  Then pull up a chair, relax, and get ready for a little fun with history!

KK: What inspired you to write this story?

IS: That’s a difficult question. There was no one moment of inspiration, rather an idea that slowly developed. I read a lot of history. And there are three historians in my family, so I’ve grown up steeped in it, and I suppose I am more conscious than most of the enormous differences, cultural, social, ideological, technological between the people of one historical period and those of another, but also the very many similarities. I found myself often wondering what someone who was born and grew up in classical antiquity would make…

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Exhausted beyond repair

The good news: I’ve only found 4 (yes I know even four is awful) errors, but my style of writing has changed so much over the last couple of years that I find myself re-writing the entire book. Nothing substantial has changed. The plot remains the same, but where I got the idea that two people can talk in the same paragraph, bad enough on it’s own, but even worse if they’re not identified, I’ll never know.

I’ll have it finished by the end of the week then knowing Amazon, in about two weeks anyone who spent money, or even got it free can download the new version for nothing.

I’m appalled that I let it go out like that but then we can’t spend the rest of our lives second guessing ourselves. On that basis I’d spend the rest of my life not writing but re-writing everything I ever wrote time and again.

Not a bad thing some might say but my work was the best I could do – at the time of writing.

My biggest mistake was formatting it the same way for both Amazon and smashwords when S/W have a different set of requirements. This time, Amazon’s copy will be for them and S/W’s version the way they prefer it.

Things might have gone more smoothly this afternoon were it not for my daughter’s pony being fitted with it’s new winter coat and, according to my daughter, would have just died had I not been there to applaud, but not before I had to struggle, knee deep immersed in freezing equine waste. Oh joy.

The Ink slingers League bloghop.

Hi, welcome to the second annual Ink Slingers Blog hop. Why not join in?
As you can see I copied Joleene’s entry because I’m absolute rubbish at doing it myself.

The Inkslingers Sweet Retweet Blog Hop

What better gift to give to our internet friends than to support them? Join The Insklingers in the Sweet Retweet Blog hop. Here are the rules:

1. Prepare a blog post that you’d like retweeted.

2. Place the valentines button on your blog (see below for code).

3. Spread the word. Your friends can find all the information here or on G+ or the Facebook event page. The more people that join, the more retweets.

4.Then from Feb 1 through Feb 14, tweet your blog link with the hashtag #valentineretweet (all one word). Also you need to do a search for this tag and retweet your fellow authors.It would be great if you could do this at least once a day, but you don’t want to spam your stream, so if there are a lot of entries you might want to do a few at a time.

5.. Even better, check out your fellow participant’s blogs and leave a comment. You can also share their posts via Facebook, Google Plus, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, or any outlet you’d like.

It’s that easy, and that fun. Have a question? here are some common ones:

Q: Does my post/book/blog/material have to be of a romantic/valentines nature?

A: Nope. It’s a bonus if it is, but it’s not required.

Q: Do I have to have a giveaway?

A: Nope. You can if you want to, though.

Q: Do I have to a writer to participate?

A: Nope. Review blogs, or even just blogs of general interest can participate. The more the merrier.

Q: Do I need to leave my blog link on my blog or the Facebook page or G+ page?

A: If you’d like to. The most important thing is to make sure you TWEET that link starting Feb 1st – 14th with the hashtag #valentineretweet .

Q: I’ve never done much with twitter. Can you give me an example tweet?

A: Sure thing! : Official release date for Joleene Naylor’s paranormal novel Children of Shadows #valnetineretweet

Q: how do I post the button?

A: Copy the code in the box below. Got to your blog editor and choose the text/html tab/option. Paste the code into the body of your blog .

code for button: Copy and paste

<a href="

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