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Children of Shadows

A great interview from Joleene

Suddenly they all died. The end.

blog tour banner Today I’m proud to host my friend and fellow author, Joleene Naylor, as she tours the blogosphere promoting her latest Amaranthine novel, Children of Shadows.  She was kind enough to tell me why she writes about vampires, and some of the challenges she faces in doing so.  And stay tuned afterward – there’s a giveaway going on with some pretty awesome prizes.

Holy crap – I didn’t realize I just copied her words almost exactly till I glanced down just now. *sigh*  Oh, well – to the guest post! 🙂

joleene naylorHello! My name is Joleene Naylor, and I’m the author of the Amaranthine vampire series. I’d like thank Kay for hosting me today as I tour the blogosphere promoting my latest release, Children of Shadows.

A question most people ask me is why I write vampires. The truth is, it’s not the only thing I like to write. I’d actually like…

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Dracula . . . oh my . . .

This a truly gorgeous site.

The Light-Bearer Series by Emily Guido


thoughts . . .

6-1I wrote “The Light-Bearer Series,” with yes… a Blood-Hunter, Vampire. Furthermore, the Blood-Hunter, Tabbruis, is a GORGEOUS vamp!

Tabbruis, the Blood-Hunter, is MY Dracula. I wrote his character as a gorgeous, dark, brooding male with a cold and dispassionate heart . . . until this is . . . until he sees, Charmeine.

Tabbruis hates anyone or anything coming between him and Charmeine. He fights evil because of her.

Yes, he wants to save the world, blah, blah, blah, but he REALLY WANTS Charmeine all to himself. All this saving the world nonsense is just fluff for him.


“Dracula” written by Bram Stoker was published in 1897.  Stoker researches his novel in great detail and especially loved the lore of “Vlad the Impaler” who was a vampiric character on the fifteenth century Wallacian warrior prince, Vlad Dracule.

“Dracula” is written in a diary format.  This…

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another week, another edit.

It’s been a long week what with the virus and the umpteenth edit of Spawn of Kongonato.

Viruses I can handle. A cold here, flu there. I even managed to catch three colds consecutively during the winter.

Yet this particular virus was hard. Even Avast, my previously impeccable anti-virus couldn’t cope and consequently squawked before closing my machine down with what sounded like a death rattle.

However I’ve fixed it I think, I hope, despite researching several hundred internet entries complaining of but not actually explaining how to exterminating the little sod. I would so like to get my hands on these people. Do they really have nothing better to do?

However, I’ve also finished another edit of Kongomato 2 and I’m relatively happy with the plot. But instead of waiting a few weeks before I start again, as is my wont, I’m going to jump right in while it’s still fresh in my mind.

Never again will I publish a novel with stupid errors. So tonight after a run or maybe even a little sleep It’s back to it. I’m glad it’s finished since the third and final edition: Progeny of Kongomato is going rather nicely. Here’s the (unfinished) cover


Here’s a little bit.

‘So when we get to…where was it again?’
Steve smiled in the darkness, glad to be in charge once more.
‘Traitor’s Gate. It’s a door what goes right into the Tower of London. That’s where the stuff is. There won’t be any guards out because of that toxic stuff, which I don’t believe in anyway.’ His words were only slightly muffled and the dark filthy rag he was holding over his mouth in the almost complete darkness barely interrupted his blithe confidence. ‘We get the jewels and nick ‘em.’
‘What, all of them?’ Harry gasped. He didn’t quite know how many jewels there were in the Tower of London but it surely had to be a lot. And you couldn’t fence a whole gold crown with a million diamonds in it down the east end. Someone was bound to ask questions. But there was something else. It took a moment to register.
‘But aren’t the doors gonna be shut or something?’
Steve had already considered this question at length. But naturally the solution was obvious and the real reason why he was in charge, because Harry would never have come up with it himself.’

Book Of Pain – almost done

Imagine committing a crime so heinous that your punishment was immortality.

Not so awful if that was your dream. But what if you were told that immortality would be spent without eating, or a single moment’s sleep? Still not unbearably harsh until the final part of the curse is finally revealed. Your sleepless, eternal life will also be spent in ceaseless, unspeakable agony. And as a final barb, you will never gain the sanctuary of insanity. Every day, every moment of this endless torture will be spent in the clear knowledge of what will happen in the next, and the next.

Tom Fletcher must now spend this perpetual hell knowing that nothing, no damage, however severe will end his miserable existence.
Yet, just to compound the agony, he must endure all this with the knowledge, the terrible knowledge; that he may give away the curse in an instant. One moment and it will be gone; he can die and it will all be over.

Would a man who has suffered hundreds of years agony, centuries of suffering change into such a monster that he will choose the awful alternative offered to him?

Tom’s legs quivered as his splintered bones burst free of his flesh. His conscious mind tried to shut down, to distance himself from the the absolute exquisite torment. This did not help for amid this hell visited upon him the silently screaming but rational portion of his brain remained and now, finally he understood the meaning of the man’s words. It was an agony that was to last until the end of time; an eternity of demons rending his flesh. Yet for one moment, he prayed that he was dreaming, that it was not to be or, that it was over but that was not the reason for the pain lessened only that he might hear the final, scornful laughter of the Abbot. That one moment was enough to hear the words before the waves of hell thundered back over him, through him.

‘And even if you believe it to be as bad as it may become, it will simply become worse.’

And with the man’s final laugh the torture increased tenfold. His face burst into flames, his genitals and every organ, wrenched from his body. In that moment he was cast into his own personal hell, but not death for he knew that was a blessing he would never receive. He screeched one final time before tumbling down the long flight of granite steps into the cellar, his skull shattered yet immediately intact upon his crashing, shuddering halt at the bottom.
Pain, the pain.

The Book of Pain. Due very soon.

Hard to believe but this is a love story.

Division a terrific novel.

I just thought I’d let you all know about a novel I read a while ago by Karen A Wyle and loved. It’s called: Division.

It’s the story of two conjoined young men. Their fight for separation is not what you’d expect and is an interesting and unusual twist. A beautifully written work, I can’t recommend enough and now as an added extra, the paperback Division is on a 10% discount and as if that’s not enough for you to grab it quickly it comes with a free, yes that’s free Kindle edition


The paperback:

And the Amazon. UK link:

Have a look. You won’t be disappointed.

The Lone Tree

Time for more mayhem.

Now that I’ve finally finished Old Geezers Two (haven’t thought of a sub-title yet), I’ve begun another edit of Kongomato 2, Spawn of kongomato. Every time I get back to horror my creative juices really begin to flow, or should that be gush, pulse, cascade, spurt and spout.

Anyway, here’s a little bit from the first chapter. I don’t hang about when there’s death and mayhem to be done.

Just one word was all he managed as that vague fluttering noise directly before him was just as quickly replaced by a solid green beam. Almost as sharp as a spotlight it began traversing the large striking chamber. Slowly it moved picking up in eerie detail every facet of the ancient wall. Aware that he should duck or at least get out of the way, Steve stumbled over something, instinctively looked down and immediately wished he hadn’t. Staring up at him was an eyeless skull, its mouth wide in a silent scream.
Then it did scream, or rather Harry did for he was the first of the two to receive the beam straight into his eyes. With a blood curdling shriek he fell to his knees, hands covering his face, squirming and screeching as if a million bees had flown into his eyes. Steve was given no time to think because a second later he too was hit by the shaft of awful light. If someone had ever driven nails into his eyes, he’d have bet this is how much it would have hurt. But he was given no more time for such idle fancies for in another instant the most horrendous pain he’d ever felt in his life scoured his entire body. Every nerve screamed its agony…

And I’ve already begun number three.

Paperback Early Bird Special

An early bargain.

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

both covers

From now until March 15th the paperback version of Children of Shadows is only $7.99 Starting the 15th it goes up to $9.50, so grab your copy before then and save over 14%!

Children of Shadows paperback

If ebooks are more your thing, you can still pre-order from Barnes and Noble or Apple iBooks. If you have pre-ordered be sure to enter the pre-order giveaway!

The sixth installment of the Amaranthine series pulsates with the dark blood of vampire lore.

The Children of Shadows, a vampire cult not seen for hundreds of years, resurfaces to wage war on the vampire guilds. Led by a familiar face, the cult wreaks havoc while Katelina and Jorick are trapped in Munich’s stronghold. Ume, a mysterious vampiress, who claims to know Verchiel, offers the help of her secret organization. But how are she and Verchiel connected, and can they trust her?

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Tales from the Island #6: Verchiel

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

Katelina finally gets her beach vacation, but it’s not everything she dreamed. How could it be with the companions she’s got? Strap in for a collection of six short stories about surf, sun, and… um… I mean surf, moonlight and vampires.


Day 6:

Verchiel leaned back in the hot tub and peered over his sunglasses. The accessories were pointless at night, but he was determined to embrace everything about the island getaway. Just because he was a vampire didn’t mean he should have to miss out.

A broad shouldered vampire with long, black hair strolled past, a blonde human female on his arm. Verchiel grinned and waved. “Hey, Jorick! Kately! Check it out!”

Jorick turned and gave Verchiel a cold once over, and Katelina said, “It’s a hot tub. We’ve seen it the last five days we were here.”

“Yeah, but you haven’t been in it!” He reached for the…

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She’s gonna get me.

My beloved wife hinted, no actually she said that if I didn’t put away my stupid toys and do some work around the house then she was going to do something very painful – for me.

‘Yes’, she groaned, ‘your painting is fine, now put it away or I’m going to show you another purpose for that mouse.


She also mentioned that I should get some rest for tomorrow we have to go out and buy (another) car for my darling offspring. ‘Yes I know it’s only been a year,’ she snarled, ‘but she has to have something to drive.’

What’s it going to be this time, a Lamborghini? And this is the reason why my beloved motorbike had to go a couple of weeks ago to be replaced with a girly scooter.

If I had any street cred, which I don’t and probably never did; it’s long gone and if my old motorbiking pals could see me now they’d laugh themselves sick and never speak to me again.

At least Old Geezers 2 is finished. I’ll leave it alone for a month before I begin the first edit. Next week it’s back to The Book of Pain – edit number six. It’s shaping up nicely and should be ready for publication in a few months, always providing She-who-Is-Not-Amused doesn’t do for me first.

Don’t forget, you’ve only got two days left to get your fill of cheap and free books from smashwords, ebook frenzy week. Site address in left border.

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