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Blog or website?

I’ve had a website for years. It’s called It doesn’t cost much and it attracts droves of people, all of whom buy huge clusters of books.

Except it doesn’t, and they don’t; and even if it did I wouldn’t know because it’s not compatible with Google Analytics.

I just watched a cool Youtube video (the address of which I’ve lost in my usual clumsy fashion) explaining how to make your Blogger page into a professional looking website for absolutely nothing. The good part, as if that’s not good enough, is that you don’t have to mess with any HTML. That’s really good because I used to have another blog on Blogger which got lost forever after I messed with the HTML.

So I’ve cancelled it, the actual contract doesn’t run out until November this year, since I pay by the year, but I’ll leave it for a couple of weeks and check to see if it still works. Some/most domain providers offer software to design one’s own point and click site, cool enough to make the masses swoon with envy. Mine didn’t even after I told them to wedge it.

What I intend to do is pay for a WordPresss domain name. I’m not entirely sure about this because WP and I have never really got on and it often loses things or simply refuses to let me post a blog.

Have I made a bad decision? I don’t even know if I’ll ever find out since I have no idea if a single person ever visited my old site in the first place, and I didn’t sell books directly from it after my debit card being cloned about a decade ago after using PayPal. I’m sure they’ve made it more secure by now but I still can’t bring myself to do it.

Has anyone else ever abandoned their own site in favour of their blog? And if you did was it a good decision?


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