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I’ve finally done it and I’m depressed – ish

After a lot of work, more often than not at times when I should have been doing the actual job which pays my bills, I’ve finished the final novels which (that?) comprise my three trilogies.

I finished the final Three Hoodies novel over a year ago, so my claim is not entirely truthful, but Progeny of Kongomato and Old Geezers 3 (no subtitle yet) are finally done. Ten years of work finished. Here are the covers I originally designed but almost certainly will not use.

I plan (hope) to publish all three at the same time later this year.

Geezers35Progeny 9hood34

Which leaves me a bit of a problem. Tablets are terrific for writing but absolutely rubbish for editing. Does that mean I’ll actually have to do the work for which I’m paid, and then do my editing when I get home each night? Because if that’s the case prepare to see all three approximately Jan 2020.


Why I am Currently More Concerned with Writing

Maegan Provan, Author

Self-publishing 101 is an intense push on the importance of marketing yourself and social media. I have a Youtube, this blog, my website, a Facebook Page, AND a Twitter. This time last year I was more concerned about how important growing my platforms was and growing my book sales than actually writing. I, like every other author on the planet (whether they admit it or not), want to be noticed. I want my books to be successful and I want everyone to read everything I’ve written. That was all fine and dandy until the progress on completing my second book ground to a screeching halt. It took me almost two years to complete Jeremy and I learned a lot about myself and my writing process during that time. I wanted to share with you a bit more insight into my hiatuses, my social presence, and why I’ve changed my point of…

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A Case of Scruples

pop another pill

cause nothing’s really real

and everything you feel

is something that they deal.

prozac to make you perky

clonazepam to keep you calm

strattera to make you study

seroquel and invega as an emotional balm.

you’re a product of the companies

your happiness is theirs

and you can’t be angry because they subdue you

even though your anger is fair.

they say that they’re helping you

they say it’s okay

but is it really worth it

to have yourself taken away?

Who am I anyways? They say I’m not my disorder but I feel like a lie after all these years being basically a lab rat. Try this, try that. Oh that didn’t work after two days? Better add another one. I’ve been on ten different medications and sometimes I wonder if the ones I’m on now are really working or if my brain is simply resigned…

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Do You Believe in You?

A lot to think about.

Tricia Drammeh

Do I believe in myself? Do I believe in my writing? These are questions I’ve been contemplating for a while. I’ve made a few investments in my dreams, but most of the risks I’ve taken have been carefully calculated. I’ve weighed every expenditure and for the most part, I’ve hardly spent any money on my books that I’m not fairly certain I can recoup.

Maybe I’ve been working in accounting for so long, I can’t stop viewing my writing career from a strictly businesslike standpoint. Or maybe I just don’t believe in myself enough. To be honest, I think it’s a little of both.

For example, I know authors who spend thousands of dollars on each book before it’s ever published. Some expenditures are unavoidable, such as editors and book covers. But some authors go the extra mile, hiring publicists and personal assistants to handle their marketing and social media needs…

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My entire family hates me.

Being ultra efficient on Friday evening I checked my motorbike for punctures, as I always do before going to bed.

This isn’t a peculiar form of OCD on my part, but as I have to be up so early it’s hardly worthwhile going to bed, I have to make sure I can get to work since I leave over an hour before even the Underground begins. And having sold my second motorbike a year ago I must be able to get there or risk losing the contract. Taking my wife’s car would result in severe blunt force trauma to the head and body. Experience talking here.

Thus, bike checked, garage closed I retired to bed happy that I’d be able to go to work, if a little unhappy that I’d have to make do with about two hours kip. Now to the hating part.

Half way through the night I received a text telling me that I wouldn’t be required. Great in that I wouldn’t have to get up, but bad that I’d miss a day’s pay as I’m self employed. None of day off at full pay nonsense for me.

“Where’s the cat?”

My daughter is always strident, and never more so than when she thinks I’ve mistreated her feline thugs, both of whom would have died years ago if left to her for feeding. I shook my head, resisting the urge to threaten her with death if she didn’t let me go back to sleep that instant.

“Found the cat,” she announced happily several hours later when I finally emerged from blissful sleep, “and it’s left a little present on your motorbike as it had to sleep in the garage all night.”

It must have crept in after me searching for something to eviscerate as I checked the tyres. Inside the garage are at least four motorbike covers, six coats and an old rug yet my daughter’s feline accolyte had to do it right on top of my bike. Just wait until it comes to me for food the next time my daughter is far too busy being cool and trying on yet more new shoes!!

First and nearly the last.

I’d like to say I allowed her, but as my daughter is twenty years old I can’t really stop her from doing anything. So this week she went on holiday without us for the first time but with a friend, to Spain.

As my passport expired last year and I haven’t found the time to renew it I was hoping everything would go fine. In fact I took out so much holiday insurance that had a satellite with decaying orbit fallen on her head, she would have been covered.

So you can imagine my fright when less than 36hrs after leaving she phoned to say she was on her way to hospital with breathing problems and copious vomiting. We used to have temporary passports in the UK but they don’t exist any more. Nevertheless I was calculating ways of getting out of England (no problem technically) and into Spain without a passport and bringing her back, when four hours later she was out of hospital with the doctors words ringing in her ears. “Don’t, I mean Do not drink any more tap water – and lay off the booze.

This last five days is going to be murder until she gets back. The other potential problem is of the monetary kind. Before she left I told her about a thousand times to turn off the data switch on her iPhone, because if she comes back with a £1000 phone bill then no amount of insurance is going to cover that and I’ll nail her to her bed for the next ten years.

Doctor who?

If Doctor Who can travel through time and space, and find a parking space in Earls Court just to have a sandwich at Pret, then maybe I’ll give it a go as well.


The Amaranthine Encyclopedia

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

Yes! I’ve finally started to work on it, and I wanted to share a few *un-proofed* pages with you. Click to see the bigger version.



When I’m finished, the PDF version will be given to all my mailing list subscribers. As far as publishing it on Kindle or Smashwords I don’t know. eReading devices would shrink the images, and smashwords’ file-size limit would make it difficult. I could do a text version, but I’m not sure it would be worth all that for something that is going to be free anyway and would probably not get very many downloads.

What do you think?

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