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The Swords Around The Throne – Blog Tour Review And Giveaway-ish

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Hello everyone! So today marks the first time I’ve ever been part of a blog tour and let me tell you, it’s kinda awesome. Now, I’m on the blog tour to give a book review and this is one of the more interesting ones for reasons I shall explain soon. Before I begin, I want to thank Jenny from Jenny in Neverland for being the person behind the blog tour and I want to thank Ian Ross who wrote the book and indirectly let me review it for free. Thank you!

Okay now for the book review and my explanation of why this one of the more interesting ones. Let me start by giving some essential information about the book:

Title: Swords Around the Throne (Twilight of Empire Book 2)
Author: Ian Ross
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Blurb: Rome is in peril. The old order is changing – and Centurion…

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Author Q&A For R.T Lowe

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Hello everyone! So today I am excited to bring to you my interview with RT Lowe, author of The Felix Chronicles: Freshman. It is an amazing book and I can’t wait to share my review of it, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this (kinda long) interview with RT Lowe!

1) To start off with our first question, tell us a little about yourself. How old were you when you realized you wanted to write?

I’m from a little town in Oregon and I moved to New York for law school almost twenty years ago. I now live in Newtown, CT with my wife and three boys. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to take up the pen and put my thoughts on paper. I always felt like I had a very creative streak in me, but I struggled to find the right outlet. I remember…

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I finally got off my backside

Finally it’s done. After messing about for weeks, changing the cover, changing the format, fretting that the clip-art wouldn’t be in the correct place, or even there at all, I published my new blog/short story collection concerning my rather odd family.


It’s only 115 pages long but enough to see if people like it. I finished at the point where my old clockwork computer croaked. I’ll begin part two if anyone likes it. Needles to say Beloved Wife, and my spawn are not overly delighted. Tonight will tell. If I don’t wake up eviscerated then I’ll quietly begin amassing all the next parts.

If you want to download the free part it can be found at: Amazon

Amaranthine Week Long Facebook Party

I want one of those dolls

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

You read the title right. From October 11 – 17 I’ll be hosting a vampire party on facebook with games, giveaways and more.

What’s a facebook party? It’s an online event where readers, authors, and anyone who stumbles in can post, comment, and just hang out. Participants don’t need to have the Amaranthine party page open all day – heck they don’t even need to stop in every day – just participating once will get you an entry for the grand prize:


A Jorick and Verchile doll, handmade by the amazing Donna Yates. How cool is that?

Each day will bring a new event – and new games, contests and chances to win several prizes, including a coffee mug, autographed book marks and more. The schedule so far (which is subject to change):

Sun, 11 –   Welcome to the shadows!
Mon 12 –    Ask a Character – Any character…

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None of this makes sense, but oh well.

A Case of Scruples

I haven’t posted on here in a while. I was going to go to Starbucks and write but didn’t feel like lugging my giant laptop backpack around while in a skirt. But I need to write something somewhere because I can feel my mood dropping again. And it’s necessary I learn how to cope with this brain, because I’m not getting a new one.

That’s the thing about mental health I wish more people would accept. No matter how much therapy you have, or how many medications they put you on, or many times you go to the hospital, you’re not getting a new brain. Sure, yours may change in the process of “healing” or whatever, but it’s still your brain. Wish all you want, but science has yet to figure out how to do brain transplants.  And even then, it’d probably be a really risky procedure and, also…

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Another last snippet before publication

I’ve finally finished my story collection and if I finish work at any time during the next week I’m going to publish.

Here’s one more snippet before I discover if I’ve done all required to make the images appear correctly.


    Driving me even more insane

In my (military) life I’ve been shot at by numerous people – one of whom was on my own side. Another inconsiderate little sod once lobbed a petrol bomb at me, and there were certain parts of certain countries in the mid seventies where my life would have been over in a second had I been even a little careless.

I’ve been in three helicopter crashes and once found myself at five hundred feet with an extremely uncooperative parachute. Scared? Yes.

But I’ve now discovered a new type of terror; an interpretation for the word of which I was not previously aware. I’ve just begun giving my daughter driving lessons.

‘Stop, Stop, Stop STOP!!!’ You’d have thought the first might have worked, or at least filtered through as forty tons of hurtling death in the form of a MacDonald’s truck headed towards us, on the wrong side of the road. Actually he was on the correct side of the road – we weren’t.

I almost wrenched the handbrake out of the floor twice and I’m convinced that under the passenger doormat there’s a deep hole where my feverishly stamping foot tried unsuccessfully to brake for her as my heart attempted to claw its way out of my chest before the impact. It’s six hours later and my heart still hasn’t dropped below one hundred and fifty beats per second.

I don’t know if I can survive another outing. In fact I’m toying with the idea of fire-bombing the car in the middle of the night and then be really shocked and upset tomorrow as she inspects the charred shell.

Languages in Writing: Limitation or Nah?

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Hello everyone! So this topic is something that comes up in my head quite a bit especially being multicultural and being a blogger within a world full of many others who are multilingual. Therefore I thought I should put my thoughts to paper (or rather internet!) and start a discussion about this admittedly interesting topic. Anyway, here goes! Let me know what you think!

How Language Affects Writing Novels

Okay, so many of you know I am currently writing a novel (it’s a twist on Alice in Wonderland) and during that time one of the things I’ve had to think about while writing is what the language for the names of the characters and places should be. Now ultimately I’ve always known the characters will be speaking English but, after much thinking and research, I decided that the (actual) names of the characters should be Celtic based. Why, you ask?…

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July Year of the Sheep

Another great giveaway

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

2015 is the year of the sheep – yay! whoo-hoo! alright! – and to celebrate the awesome peeps at I Smell Sheep review blog have held a monthly giveaway with amazing swag, like really cool t-shirts:

10268506_10205034038944215_3716183582046963429_nAnd did I mention books? Yeah, they are giving away some awesome reads, including a pair of autographed paperbacks:

How can you win these (and a bunch of other cool stuff, like the t-shirt in the above photo – we could be t-shirt twins)? Check out the I Smell Sheep giveaway blog and enter via their Rafflecopter at the bottom of the post. If you feel artistic, you can sheepify something for a special entry.

And if those prizes don’t tempt you, they have two other prize packs that include all kinds of goodies (like books from JR Ward and Laurell K Hamilton) so check it out and enter!

signature for white

P.S. They’re doing…

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Publish and die

My family collection is now complete and I aim to publish within a few days.

There are just two problems. The first is that I’m not sure the images will appear even though I’ve done it just the way MS said I should, and although they’re not strictly necessary, they help to break up the book a little.

The second snag-ette is that if I do, She has threatened to kill me.

Can’t think why.

Here’s the first page.


In my continuing attempts to be a good father I was going to take my daughter shopping a few days ago so she could add to her already fifty or so phone covers. This was one to be genuine mink, apparently.

‘Are you ready?’ I called upstairs.

A mumbled grunt from upstairs signified ‘yes, father dear’ or something equally as non committal.

‘Did you make your bed?’


‘Well I was just wondering if you’d…’

‘You hate me. You hate me and wish I was dead!’

‘No I was just inquiring if you’d …’

‘You’d rather have a Ferrari than me. You wish I’d never been born!’ Actually, I prefer Porsches but the distinction would have been lost on her.

‘Mum! Dad hates me and wishes I was dead. And he hates you, too, cos’ he told me.’

A heavy shifting sound from the living room preceded the sun scurrying for cover behind a cloud and the cat inserting itself under the sofa, mewling in terror.

‘What’s going on?’ My wife emerged as my daughter, a sometimes pretty seventeen year old, lumbered down the stairs scowling like Golem evicted from the underworld. It was a relief to see that she’d coloured her hair again. Green is just so last week.
I decided to let it go in case I added yet another phrase to the already lengthy list of obscenities at which I’m so good, like: hullo, or good morning, darling (to either of them), and so opted for the easy way out.

‘I’m going upstairs to write.’

‘Yes, go on,’ my beloved intoned while the spawn from hell gloated on the staircase, ‘go up and spend some more time with that computer. You love it more than me, anyway.’

I’m beginning to understand where she’s gets it all from.

Friday Finds: Week 42

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Hello! This is week 42 of Friday Finds! Friday Finds is basically “the place where you will get all your fandom related news (that means book news and their movies news) and your writing/blogging news”. If you want more info, and you want to see all the other weeks’ news, click here. Now let’s get this show on the road! Here are all the Friday Finds of this week, from last Saturday to today.

Writing/Blogging News:

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