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Looking for the Best Word? Tip #06

Stuart Aken

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For a short introduction to this series, please click here.

These posts look at similar, and dissimilar, words to suggest ways writers might make their work more varied, accessible, interesting, accurate and effective.

A good thesaurus provides alternatives for the idea of a word, but not all suggestions are true synonyms. Context is vital. Placing alternative words in the same sentence to see whether they make sense is one way of determining suitability. But it’s not foolproof, so a good dictionary is vital.

I prefer the 1987 edition of Roget’s Thesaurus. It’s always in easy reach. However, I try to dig the best word from my overburdened memory first: good mental exercise. Other books of word choices, which I sometimes consult when the apposite word evades me, live on my reference shelf, behind me. My dictionary of choice is the SOED.

So, to this week’s…

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Fame caught up with me – briefly


I called a garage today to arrange some work for my boss’ car.
    “What’s the car, what’s the problem, what’s your name” he demanded in a bored monotone, so I told him.
     “Wait a moment, Are you Roger Lawrence the author?”
      In that one moment twenty years of slaving over a computer and several hundred large notebooks fell away. This was it; I was famous. Heavenly choirs murmured joyfully about my head.
     “But how did you know?” I asked, my natural scepticism already beginning to stir.
     “Have you got a couple of motorbikes?
     “Yeeees, maybe.”
     “I used to work on reception of the motorbike shop you use.”
      In that instant all the joy spluttered away like water down a particularly cavernous toilet bowl.
    “Yes I’m fine,” I droned, arranging the work for the car.
The guy had stumbled upon my blog purely by accident a few years ago – and he didn’t even buy a book.
     Now I’m going to be depressed for the rest of the night and there’s nothing anybody can do to stop me.
     So there!

Book of Pain mk2 finally done.

After messing about for over two weeks on the brand new bluetooth keyboard I bought for my tablet which turned out to be utter rubbish, and now resides in the garbage bin, I finally went back to the even more awful virtual keyboard that came with it. And I’ve finished new and hopefully improved version of The Book of Pain.
    I thought I’d done it properly the first time, but after years of pleading my daughter finally deigned to read one of my books and immediately pointed out several thousand errors with great glee. Apparently the pages of the proof copy were just the wrong shade of cream, and the cover material aesthetically unpleasing (her words). In fact it was about thirty errors in all, but those which I should have picked up before uploading it the last time.
    CreateSpace is churning over the paperback edition since I changed the rear cover yet again after spotting another spelling mistake, while Amazon is doing same with the Kindle version. If all goes well they’ll be up in a couple of days.
     Now I can go back to my newest novel – Kongomato 4, which is burning a hole in my brain. In my feverish mind, at least, I’ve already sent several thousand people to grizzly, horrible ends. Can’t wait to get typing.

Someone help me.

Or maybe it’s just me being stupid.
While attempting to conform to CreateSpace’s strict demands re converting Docx to PDF I thought I’d download their PDF and fix it the easy way before re-uploading it again. My first problem is that I don’t have the software to edit PDF’s. I then downloaded Wondershare PDF editing software – which didn’t work.
I then uninstalled it – or so I thought. When I rebooted, up it popped asking me if I’d allow it to make changes to my pc. I clicked no and tried to remove it manually. I found every instance of it on my hard drive and deleted them. It didn’t work.
Now I’m not claiming this software to be malware for fear of getting sued, but try as I might I could not get rid of it and looking through several dozen forums only showed me that thousands had tried, and failed before me.
I finally went through ctrl/alt/del then Processes then going to containing folder and disabling it. It isn’t popping up any more but it’s still there and short of reformatting, which I’m not sure will work, it’s still there lurking and refusing to go away.
I even tried my old favourite, Ccleaner which will get rid of everything – except apparently Wondershare.
I don’t like messing with the registry after several earlier disastrous attempts, but if someone knows how to eradicate this pest I’d be your slave forever.

I’m running Win 10 anniversary edition, by the way.

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