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Selective Winter

 I think winter began last night. 

    But only on my cat. He came home last night, or rather, this morning at exactly three thirty six AM. I know that because I was watching a film on TV and just about asleep, when this shivering morsel appeared at the patio door yowling like something demented. 

    As I opened the door(it was that or shoot it) I noticed something odd. On its back was snow. Well it’s almost winter you might say, and snow isn’t exactly uncommon. Except that it wasn’t and hadn’t snowed – anywhere.

    Odd; extremely odd.

    As I’ve finally finished the forth and final book in my Kongomato trilogy, I thought I might give some sales a helping hand by offering the first in the series (cunningly named: Kongomato) for free. I can’t give away the paperback version unfortunately, but the Kindle version is, or will be free from: Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 12:00 AM PDT  until the 24th.

You can find it here:  Kongomato

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